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We are passionate about releasing people from spiritual, physical and emotional poverty and replacing their ashes for Christ’s beauty. We deeply believe that every person, no matter how destitute or broken, has something of worth to give to this world, and a beautiful purpose that we want to help them discover. As we take part in their stories, we invite and encourage you to join us. We hope to inspire people like you to help us in this fight for justice all over the world through the stories we are able to bring from darkness into light.
We recognize the dignity, uniqueness and worth of each person no matter what their current or past situations. We provide support for immediate response situations and long term needs in the areas of homelessness, hunger, medical care, education and LOVE! 


"On a heart level, my ministry goals are simple. I just want to fall more and more in love with Jesus everyday and show that love to the world. I want to pour out my life at Jesus' feet and walk in extreme obedience everyday. I want to learn to rest in Him more in every season and listen for that still small voice. I burn to see people encounter their King through power and love and for the lamb to receive the reward of His suffering. For the bride to be spotless and in complete adoration of her bridegroom King. My heart yearns for orphans to be called into family and to see entire people groups and nations transformed into sons and daughters and bowing their knees in worship to their Abba Father. My heart burns to see the body of Christ unifying globally and walking in signs, wonders, miracles and loving kindness all over the earth." 

-Kara Westermann, Executive Director 

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